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At Adventure Tails, we are passionate about providing the happiness and adventures your dog deserves. We specialise in off-leash pack walks that meet your dog's specific needs. Our walks recreate the natural pack environment and range from a gentle, controlled pace to full off-leash adventure walks. Our philosophy is that an exercised and stimulated dog is one that is happier, more trainable and less likely to get up to any mischievous behaviour while left alone. We provide your four-legged family member with a balance of obedience training, socialisation and fun, alongside the physical and mental stimulation they need to be happy and content. Your dog will be able to meet up with their friends in our off-leash pack walks to do as much smelling, exploring, playing and running as they desire. To be a part of our adventure walks your dog must be fully vaccinated and well-socialised with a range of different dogs. This is to ensure the safety of both other dogs and your dog.

Adventure Walks

Adventure walks are not as high-energy as adventure hikes. They suit a large range of dogs and energy levels, enabling those dogs that prefer life in the slower lane to go at their own pace and choose how much exercise they want to do while still being able to explore, sniff and play.

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